The Simplest Way To Manage Your Group

Send messages, start discussions,
manage finances, track participation,
share profiles, and more.

Get a hold of any member, anytime, from anywhere.
Running your group has never been easier!

For Individual Groups For Organizations


Need to tell everyone that your recruitment room has been changed? No problem! Email the new location to everyone in 3 clicks!

Not an emergency? Get everyone's input by starting a discussion on possible themes for formal or use our built-in member messaging system.


Did you design the perfect T-shirt for the social? Upload a picture to your chapter's documents so everyone can see!

Did you write the perfect song for lip sync? Upload the lyrics to your group's site so everyone can start learning their part.


Every member has their own profile all about them, complete with a personal photo album. Say cheese!

Whether you love hanging out at the beach, mall, or intermurals, you can get to know other members that like the same things you do!

floht™ Group Management

The floht™ Group Management System allows groups to manage their entire organization online. With private messaging, document sharing, event calendar, pictures, discussions, and finance and participation tracking, the floht™ System is the all-inclusive, easy-to-use group management system.

Securely manage any organization! All sites are password protected and can only be accessed by members. With all of its extras, like personal messaging, online document sharing, integrated calendar, and more, the floht™ System will quickly become your groups off-campus meeting room!