Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I sign?

Convinced? Just fill out our simple sign up form and we'll get right back to you with a few questions to get your new site up and running.

Don't want to wait? If you know one of our existing groups that can recommend you, just ask them to send you a referral. You'll get instant access to the system and be able to create your own group website within seconds.

Are there any additional required fees?

Nope! We don't charge any setup, maintenance, or other arbitrary extra fees. The price you see is the total cost for the year. We don't think it's fair to get to the end of the year and say you owe us a $500 "maintenance fee" or lose your site.

The only circumstances where you would pay more are if you should choose to upgrade plans during the middle of a term or purchase additional services we offer--like custom web design services. But you'll always know what services are optional add-ons.

Want a website too?

Great!...'cause it's FREE! Your chapter will be able to reach and recruit potential members by letting them know what life is like from the inside! Use our builtin Webpage Editor to create and edit exciting webpages all about your group.

We even let you use your very own domain (like completely FREE. All you have to do is create a CNAME record to your group's floht™ web address ( using your domain registar's DNS system. Then, visitors would find your floht™ website at

How do we pay?

Your chapter will be billed once a year. Simply return your payment by mail or pay online and enjoy the seemless transition year after year. We gladly accept checks, major credit cards, and PayPal.

For smaller chapters or colonies, ask about our discounts and payment plans. We believe that there's no better way to expand your chapter than to have the perfect site to attract potential new members and allow users to easily communicate and organize.

Already have a website?

Perfect! If you own it, floht™ can manage it. We can easily take your existing website and integrate it with our built-in webpage editor to allow an admin to keep it up to date. Upload new pictures, change dates, and hide disaffiliated members at any time for FREE!

We're even happy to integrate and host your group's website if it was made by someone else. That's right, you're completely free to hire another designer or design the site yourself! Let us do the heavy lifting of keeping it running and managing the servers.

Can we cancel?

Of course. Anytime.

We're confident that your floht™ website will offer all of the features you need and the unparalleled reliability that you expect. However, if for any reason you wish to cancel your account, just let us know. You can cancel anytime. No hassles, we promise.